Habitech policies, mission and values

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Environmental Policy - Mission Statement

The interaction of man and the environment is inseparable – you cannot have one without the other.  Indeed, the welfare of one has direct and proportionate effect on the others.  It is for this reason that man must take care of the environment with utmost tenderness whether in large or small scales.

We have always strived to create a balanced environment through our designs.  As an example, the Standard Newspaper, a few years ago, acknowledged our effort by putting a caption of one of our own designs; the Fairlane Supermarket complex in Buruburu.

We strive to create a balanced environmental impact in all our designs

Quality Control

Habitech endeavors to provide the best accommodation of clients’ needs, by ensuring the quality of the end product. This is guaranteed through various checks and balances within the implementation process.

At inception, all parameters are well analyzed, reviewed and all matters brought to the client for information. A final brief after a thorough investigation of clients’ requirements and site conditions is prepared and presented to the client.

During the design stage, the proposal is reviewed and is criticized by third parties, not involved in the design, in order to optimize the best in all aspects of the design. This review continues throughout the whole of the design development including detailing.

The office has also established various checklists formats for ease of staff reference in specific project stages   including the inception, site analysis, site inspections, design proposal, site layout, detailing schedules, contract details, site meetings, issuance of completion certificates, handing over certificates, Making good defects certificates, final payment certificates, maintenance manuals and project closure reports.

The office informs the client and seeks clients’ involvement and approval at certain critical stages of the design, including the final layout and arrangement of building spaces, choice of materials, form and anticipated cost of development.

The firm utilizes and is guided in all its work, by the established international and local professional standards and codes, as far as possible.

Our Distinguishing Attributes

(a) Management of Project

(b) Sustainable Construction Technologies

(C) Environmental Conservation

(d) Cleaner Production

About Us

The name Habitech is an acronym for "Habitational Technologists".

Habitech Consultants was founded in 1992 and is directed by a team of qualified Kenyan Professionals with extensive and varied experience in their fields of specialization.


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