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Habitech Consultants was founded in 1992 and is directed by a team of qualified Kenyan Professionals with extensive and varied experience in their fields of specialization.

The name Habitech is an acronym for "Habitational Technologists".  Our objective is the provision of Professional expertise in all fields of habitation using the latest techniques and high caliber personnel.

We target a wide spectrum of clients including the Central and Local Governments, Parastatals, Non-Governmental Organizations, Religious Institutions, Companies, private developers of all scales.  Our policy remains; No matter how "small" or “big” the task may be, we give our “BEST ADVICE AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE COST”.

For managing and executing our work, we use conventional as well as modern technology to achieve ‘Expeditions, Optimum, Practical and Cost Effective solutions for our clients’.

Should the occasion demand, we are able to marshal the appropriate resources and skills by collaborating with other relevant and reputable associates to complement our own.  This enables us to undertake works of varied magnitude and complexity.  We are not shy to seek expert input from elsewhere in order to give our client optimum solutions, because we believe nobody knows all, or does all that there is to be known or done.

We have a mission to serve our client with utmost integrity, patience, and devotion, for a long lasting relationship.

Our motto remains to pursue excellence and "AVAILABILITY TO CLIENT AT ALL TIMES"

We interpret our client's needs but not impose our own.

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